G-Paint Golf Club Touch Up Kit


No skill required. Achieve professional results from home with ease.

Here’s our simple step-by-step guide to help you


Clean thoroughly with hot soapy water, using an old toothbrush. Make sure area is 100% dry before continuing.


Apply the paint liberally to the desired area. This can be applied over any existing paint on the club. Now, fill a plastic container with a small amount of white spirit.


Using a soft tissue, fold several times to make a small pad and dip into the white spirit. Wipe lightly and quickly in a diagonal direction to the area painted


The paint should be touch dry in about 30 minutes, depending on the room temperature and humidity. Allow 6 hours for paint to fully cure before using
the clubs.

Full application video tutorial can be found on line at www.gpaintus.com

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G-PAINT, the simplest way to personalize, touch-up or custom paint-fill your golf clubs at home. Works on irons, putters, wedges and woods.
Apply paint-fill to existing numbers, letters, logos, sight-lines and stamping to any golf club in your bag! GPAINT is available in 8 colors which can be further extended by mixing them together and creating your own personal favorite.


4 pack of (Black, White, Blue, Red) $19.99

4 pack (Yellow,Pink, Orange, Green) $19.99

8 Pack (All Colors) $29.99

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Weight 1 lbs

4 pack of Black, White, Red, and Blue, 4 pack Yellow/Pink/Orange/Green, 8 pack All Colors