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Gold Infinium Coating


Color Fills included into Base Price.Our Current Turnaround is 4.5 weeks

Choose Add-Ons Below:

1. Face CNC Re-mill *

Resurface the face of your putter

2. Hand Stamping

Add up to 6 characters.
Area Options: Toe, Hosel, Face, Heel, Sole, Cavity. (See Image for Reference)
Leave blank if you do not want to add this addition.

3. Beach Slot *

Add a Beach Slot

4. Sight Lines or Dot *

Add Sight Lines to the back bell

5. Cherry Dots *

Place a Cherry Dot on your putter. Each location is an additional $19. Leave area blank if you do not want to add. Instructions on Color Fill in the Step 6.

6. Putter Shaft Upgrade

Upgrade your Putter shaft. Choose playing length 32″-37″
Leave blank if you do not want to add this addition.

7. Putter Grip Upgrade *

We proudly use Iomic Putter Grips. Price includes 1 wrap of tape and installation.

8. Color Fills (Included)

Tell us 4 color fills. Include instructions as to where each color fill will be added.

Upload Putter Images

Upload images of your Putter. This will get your project started.


Infinium T is a Titanium Nitride based coating. Titanium Nitride was the first commercially available hard coating on the market. It took almost a decade to gain acceptance and has proven to be useful to this day. Although PVD Titanium Nitride has become a commodity coating, there are still many differences in the quality of the coatings among suppliers. It has a beautiful gold color and is very hard and wear resistant.

In many settings, gold symbolizes extravagance, prestige, or even wealth. But, in the game of golf, gold signifies victory and achievement that pays no mind to where you came from, what club you play at or your last name. Make no mistake about it, our Infinium coating is strong and, perhaps, not subtle. But, is neither arrogant nor brash but warm and stunning. Perhaps more than any finish we do, this putter pairs well with nearly any color paint fill from red to purple, black to white. This finish can be applied to either carbon or stainless steel  and can be apply in a  Matte or Shiny finish. 

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