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Black DLC Coating (Irons or wedges) Price Per Each


Includes removal of dents and scratches and color fills (up to 4 colors)

Choose Add-Ons Below:

2. Hand Stamping

Add up to 6 characters.
Area Options: Toe, Hosel, Face, Heel, Sole, Cavity. (See Image for Reference)
Leave blank if you do not want to add this addition.

5. Cherry Dots *

Place a Cherry Dot on your putter. Each location is an additional $19. Leave area blank if you do not want to add. Instructions on Color Fill in the Step 6.

8. Color Fills (Included)

Tell us 4 color fills. Include instructions as to where each color fill will be added.

Upload iron/wedges Images

Upload images of your Putter. This will get your project started.


DLC Coating dark finish features a diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating that increases surface hardness and wear resistance of the finish without compromising the clubs feel.  In a recent durability test, the coating outperformed every other product on the market. as night or a murder of crows, this finish is just mean. For many, nothing beats a “murdered out” or all black flatstick. For others, the black backdrop is ideal for limitless options in terms of paint fill, stamping and personalization. With DLC Coating  you don’t have to worry about a finish not fitting your mood that day. It always will. NorCal has several different matte finishes depending on your texture preference. As for paint fill, good luck finding something that doesn’t look good on this finish. This finish can be applied to carbon or stainless steel as well as aluminum.

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