Durability & Care:


Our finishes can immediately wear after use and the rate of wear will depend on multiple factors.  Factors include your play, the course condition, types of grass, course type, and player’s ability and if the person wipes down the clubs after use.  The longevity of the finish depends on the players care of the club.  Clubs left in wet conditions will rust.  Keeping your club head oiled and dry is the responsibility of the owner.  Chemicals used such as fertilizers and pesticides used on greens can adversely affect the finish of your restored putter.

Please note: OIL CAN FINISHES REQUIRE MORE MAINTENANCE AND ARE NOT AS DURABLE AS OUR PVD OR DLC OXIDE FINISHES.  Most Oil Can finishes are not played with on a regular basis and REQUIRE the following steps to ensure the longevity of the finish.

We suggest the following steps to help prolong the finish of your new club.

1)    Always keep your clubs dry. After play use, a dry clean cloth to clean the head followed by using a soft cloth with a little oil.

2)     Never use acetone, abrasives, chemical cleaning agents or paint thinner to clean your heads, this will harm the finish and smear or remove paint fill.

3)    Always store your heads in a clean/dry headcover to preserve the finish.

4)    Avoid leaving your clubs in very cold or damp environments.

5)    When playing on a freshly fertilized course, wipe down club after each hole.